Amazing Speakers

Macy Kuang

Engineer at Miaomiao Games
Google Developer Expert (GDE)

Hardware Sensors and Controllers for Software Developers

Kelvin Ning

SVP at Telluride Medical Partners
Medical Devices

Health Care Innovation: Follow the Money

Dave Smith

Developer Relations - IoT @ Google

Simple, Secure IoT with Google

Justin Ribeiro

Partner - Stickman Ventures, Inc.
Google Developer Expert (GDE)

Finding Skittles, The endangered desert tortoise

Chris Matthieu

loT Engineering
Citrix Director

IoT: 2017 & Beyond

James Cha

Developer Advocate at Clover Network Inc.
IoT of Pay

IoT: Helping You Buy Stuff

Jen Tong

Developer Advocate

IoT Validation with Pub/Sub, and Big Query

Bret Stateham


Windows and Sensors and Pis, Oh My!

Mike Wolfson

Able Android

Google Developer Expert (GDE)

Master of Ceremony

Luis Montes

Founder of Iced Dev

IoT in Progressive Web Apps